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pool cleaners

Postby Marsha » Mon 12 Jun, 2006 13:53

I have a 24 ft round above ground swimming pool. I would like your comments on the type of pool cleaner that you use. Do the Hayward Diver Dave, Aqua Bug, & Wanda Whale work? What do you use & what are the pros & cons? Thanks


pool cleaners

Postby Timothy » Wed 28 Mar, 2007 12:04

I've had one pool cleaner. The Polaris 65 is an excellent pool cleaner. It is not a drain side cleaner. I like it because it works well. I used mine all the time for two years. It was wore out after that time. You can't replace the seals on that model except for the main seal. That was the seal that went bad. I have a new one that is supposed to be able to replace all seals. I will not use the cleaner in my pool everyday to prolong life.
I've heard that the cleaners you mentioned some say are good. I worked with a guy who bought the bug he didn't like it very much.
Hope this helps,

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