hayward 200 pilot assembly

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Brian S Osb

hayward 200 pilot assembly

Postby Brian S Osb » Mon 17 May, 2010 21:32

I have tried repetedly to get this hayward 200 pilot to stay lit. After removing the pilot/thermocouple/igniter assembly, cleaning several times. I finally tried to light the pilot where I could see how the flame is on the thermocouple by trying to light the assembly bent out in front of the unit. It appears that a flame is lighting only from the side of the pilot assembly below the mounting bracket, not at the top of the pilot at all and therefore no heat whatsoever is touching the thermocouple. I assume it is clogged but the hole is so small that I dont have any way to clean it, and the whole part seems to be welded together. I would like to just drill out the pilot hole with the smallest bit that I can fine. Please advise,
Kind Regards,

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