aqua rite problem

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aqua rite problem

Postby firehog02 » Mon 12 Jun, 2006 20:08

i have a aqua rite that is 4 years old. the pump is on a timer so it runs only in the day, but the aqua rite is powered 24hrs. my problem is when the pump starts up for the day the aqua doesn't always produce clorine, if I move the switch from auto to off then back to auto it will start to produce clorine. it doesn't do this all the time but I have to check it every am. is this a sign the cell is going bad or is this a power unit problem? a couple of calls to gold line and it seems i got the run around. thanks for any help

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I'm new here
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Postby Pool Hacker » Sun 25 Jun, 2006 22:01

I know nothing about the aqua-rite system, but based on your info, here's what it sounds like to me:

Probably, your unit has a protective circuit (flow switch) that keeps your cell from generating while there is no flow (when your pump times out). If your unit is always powered and it detects a "no flow" state, then most likely you will have to initiate the chlorinator via keypad etc. after the pump comes back on. I wouldn't think that the flow switch would be able to allow the cell to begin generating just because it "sees flow" automatically. Most likely, you having to "reset" everything is normal and it protects your unit. Now, you did say you didn't have to reset it every time; I don't have an answer for that. My suggestion is that you place your chlorinator on the same timer as your pump; that way, the chlorinator is "powered up" each time the pump is started and it may eliminate your problem. Hope this helps.

Postby Jethro » Wed 25 Oct, 2006 10:55

I would connect the Aqua-rite to the same timer as the pump

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