Changing filter inlet/outlet size problem?

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Changing filter inlet/outlet size problem?

Postby TiminNJ » Fri 21 May, 2010 12:32

Howdy- I am changing out a Pentair CCP320 for a Hayward S244T using Zeosand. My problem is that the Pentair and all pvc are 2" and the new Hayward is plumbed for 1-1/2" inlet/outlet. Is this a problem with GPM flows and will this be an issue with a 2HP whisperflow pump. Planning on using all 2" right up to couplings on valve, or should i reduce to 1-1/2" at other end of 2" pipe? i.e. " approx. 6-8 inches before 7-way valve" Any and all help will be appreciated!


Changing filter inlet/outlet size problem?

Postby markk1pe » Mon 31 May, 2010 08:39

I think you should return the filter and find one that has 2 " fittings. Otherwise your flow rate will be restricted by the 1 1/2" fittings, the water won't flow as fast as it should. Probably that filter is under sized for your pool. I don't know your pool dimensions, but whoever designed it used 2" piping, so you should stick with it.
However, if you have a small pool it may not be a problem, you will just see decreased flow rates and your pump will have to work harder, using more energy.
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Changing filter inlet/outlet size problem?

Postby lbridges » Mon 31 May, 2010 20:52

The difference in plumbing losses (head) because of switching 1/2" in size at the valve or a few inches away from the valve will be negligible. However, the CCP320 has a max flow rate of 120GPM, and a quick look at one sheet on the Hayward 244 reflects 62GPM.

With a 2HP pump I think you need to figure out your flow rates before making this swap. 2HP worth of pump on my pool results in about 100GPM flow rate.

Finally, although I only have personal experience using DE and cartridge type filters, I have read enough bad press on zeobest and zeosand to be cautious. I guess it's the old saying about no such thing as a free lunch - lighter weight and promised better filtering means something else had to give. My reading implies the zeo products begin to fail to filter properly after maybe their third year (gum up, etc). Repeating, this is hearsay evidence, never used a sand filter of any type myself.

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