Leaking out Backwash hose

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Leaking out Backwash hose

Postby gregga1 » Fri 21 May, 2010 20:40

Hello all, newbie and to pools. I have an inground pool that is about 10 to 12 years old. Just opened it this am and noticed when I had it running on "filter' I was seeing water coming out the backwash pipe ( not with the pressure as it does when turned to backwash). While on filter i do get good pressure coming out the returns just getting the leaking out the backwash pipe!! I have a heater that is plumbed to the pool but has never been used ( not plumbed to a heat source). When I open the pool and star the pump I have to turn a screw on the side of the heater to keep water from flowing out of the spicket underneath this screw. It seems that water is still coming through as it is leaking out of this spicket even though the screw is tight. Could this be the water I'm seeing coming out the backwash pipe?

Thanks for the help!

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