Intex Saltwater System NO FLOW error

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Intex Saltwater System NO FLOW error

Postby TLeighKY » Wed 12 Jun, 2013 02:33

texter wrote:Code 90 low flow error. Finally found what the problem was on my 8110. Would turn on system and approx 30 seconds later 90 error code would appear. Traced it to the connection on the flow switch connector. Took some small needle nose pliers and carefully squeezed the female metal connections inside the rubber cord connector on the cable side so they would make a tighter fit. I was able to get the pliers in between the rubber socket and the metal crimp connector to avoid possible damage to the rubber seal. So far so good. Hope this helps someone.

That was the problem on my CS 15110 sand filter. I did the same thing and error code 90 disappeared!

ron mc

Intex Saltwater System NO FLOW error

Postby ron mc » Mon 08 Jul, 2013 12:39

just wrapped it a buch of times with sewing thread! no more beeping

Intex Saltwater System NO FLOW error

Postby RoxyReid » Sat 13 Jul, 2013 22:20

Hi there,
We have a big problem with our intex krystal clear chlorinator. It has suddenly stopped working and we don't know why. Frustrating! No lights, no nothing. Not sure why! We have cleaned it and checked everything but to no avail. Don't understand what is happening at all!

Intex Saltwater System NO FLOW error

Postby thanks123 » Sun 14 Jul, 2013 17:08

I tried wiring the sensor up and it really does work. Just make sure that you physically check the water return in the pool to ensure you have good water pressure everyday.

Intex Saltwater System NO FLOW error

Postby SLP » Tue 16 Jul, 2013 11:16

Turn you salt pump in the opposite direction. The water is supposed to flow one direction only. Display reading should face outward opposite the pool.

Intex Saltwater System NO FLOW error

Postby Reynshaw » Sun 11 Aug, 2013 13:44

I am having all of the same problems you all mention. I have been getting, altnernately, low flow and "salt too high" warnings. I know the salt isn't too high because I put below the rec. amount. Very frustrating..I have tried everything!

Intex Saltwater System NO FLOW error

Postby Kamiz » Sat 31 May, 2014 09:16

Pool User wrote:turn your intex cloranator the other way, make sure arrows going same way as water flow(for low flow)

You saved my day and a lot of $$$, thank you

Intex Saltwater System NO FLOW error

Postby Guest » Thu 12 Jun, 2014 21:23

Dyoungsox wrote:I did a couple things from above and still nothing but I finally unhooked the pool filter from the screen where it hooked up to side of the pool and found that the screen inside the hookup was clogged with grass. I cleaned it out and let the pump continue to run for a couple of minutes and the low flow light and beeping stopped. Then i screwed the filter back on and it's been good to go. Hope this helped somebody. On another note I noticed people talking about tilting the pump to let the air out. If you have an intex pump there should be a release valve on top and on the side of the pump that releases air in the pump

Your info really helped me! I also had a partial blockage on that screen. I will be cleaning that regularly from now on! Thank you.

Intex Saltwater System NO FLOW error

Postby DennisT1 » Wed 24 Sep, 2014 21:18

Caution to all of you that are wiring/pegging the flow sensor. It really is there for a reason ... it shuts the thing off when there is no water flowing. Of course, it doesn't shut off like it should if the thing is tied up!

Now, the reason that is all so important is that passing electrical current through water is a process called electrolysis. If you consult any elementary chemistry book, you'll find that electrolysis can break water down into hydrogen and oxygen. The same chemistry book will also tell you that that is in fact an explosive mixture of gases! There needs to be enough flow to prevent these gases from building up ... so defeating this switch is a very real safety hazard!

One person did mention checking the flow every day ... but what if the filter plugs/pump dies/floaty-toy-blocks-intake, etc while you're down to the local McD's?? To everyone their own judgement, but I couldn't believe this thread went on this long with no one at least warning those that don't know the chemistry.

Re: Intex Saltwater System NO FLOW error

Postby Nbarden » Sat 28 May, 2016 16:18

wired up the flap it worked!!! Thank you!!

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