Too much chlorine?

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Too much chlorine?

Postby Eleanor » Sun 23 May, 2010 13:09

Hello Everyone. I have just joined this Forum.

My friend had deep green pool. I got the pump working and backwashed etc. I cleaned out all the yukky debris. I sorted out the pH, which is now stable (7.1). I put chlorine and anti-algae but then the pump packed up. So now I have a new pump working and I have put in lots of chlorine to restart the process. It is hot at the moment and so the sun is going to burn it off.

What I would like to know (which a search on the Forum has not found out):

Can you put too much chlorine in?

AWhen do you put in salt (because the salt levels are too low) - can you mix it in at the same time as the chlorine and anti-algae?

Thanks for your help.

chem geek
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Too much chlorine?

Postby chem geek » Sun 23 May, 2010 18:21

The amount of chlorine, specifically the Free Chlorine (FC) level you need, is dependent on the Cyanuric Acid (CYA) level. Read Defeating Algae for more info. If you have CYA in the water, it's difficult to use too much chlorine -- you'd have to add more than the CYA level while normal shock level is an FC that is 40% of the CYA level.

Too much chlorine?

Postby Eleanor » Mon 24 May, 2010 15:29

Thank you so much. I have been reading through the link that you provided and it is really good. I shall be camping at the poolside until it is sorted...

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