DE filter- why isn't it working properly

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DE filter- why isn't it working properly

Postby waterdog » Sun 23 May, 2010 17:25

Last year I had to take apart my DE filter a dozen times before I had clear water. So far this year, I'm up to 21 and counting! I have a 16 x 33 gunite pool, and the filter is slowing down after a few hours after cleaning (pressure goes up to 30 psi). What is interesting is that when I backwash, the outflow is clear. When I restart, the pressure still rises, slowly. My grids are only a couple of years old, but I have been adding less DE powder. Not sure what my next step would be.


DE filter- why isn't it working properly

Postby vinwino » Sun 06 Jun, 2010 09:45

I have the same issue's. Did you find an answer?

DE filter- why isn't it working properly

Postby JerseyKate » Thu 10 Jun, 2010 17:40

I have been searching the internet for a couple of days looking for a solution to the same problem. We have clean water coming out during backwash and have had to open the filter to manually clean the grids also. Pressure rises within a few hours of cleaning the filter and recoating the grids. We are not losing prime, the mulitport value APPEARS to be working properly (we took it apart and instpected it). The pump housing and pump are 2 years old - the filter is 22 years old. There are no visible cracks and the filter appears to be functioning properly based on the condition of the grids when we open the filter. The grids are in good condition. Pressure on the returns seem to be fine - at least initially following cleaning the filter. We live in the NE and just opened the pool so we are not anticipating that the grids will require further cleaning... for now. It's a frustrating problem.
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DE filter- why isn't it working properly

Postby Mad_Ducks » Mon 02 Aug, 2010 11:49

No expert here just a home owner who went through the same thing it looks as you guys are talking about. I pulled mine a part and scrubbed them three times in the past 4 weeks trying to figure out want was going wrong. Everything would run good for about 2 hours and then the PSI would go to 22-24, the suction would go way down as it was not able to push water through…I would back wash and have clean water come out then the PSI would drop down to 10-12. What I found (at least I think it was the cause because it is running great now) was my screens needed to be degreased. I found a product called Strip Kwik and Pure n Clean.

Strip Kwik ($15.99 at my pool store) requires you to soak your grids overnight (use the whole bottle in a big trash can flipping the grids and shaking up the water when you walk past) and does the best because it pulls all the film that builds up on/in your grids even though you have washed them. They suggest if you never have degreased to soak them with the Strip Kwik before using the Pure n Clean. The Pure n Clean is for using mid way through the season for a quick knock down as you just spray it on and rinse it off.

Doing this my filter has been running at 10-11 PSI and I have crystal clear water….Hope this helps and it solves your problem.
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DE filter- why isn't it working properly

Postby floridapooltech » Mon 02 Aug, 2010 15:33

It would be extremely helpful to know what the make and size is of your D.E. filter. Going on a guess of 24 sq. ft. filter, you should be using 4 scoops of D.E. powder, or 2 scoops of Perlite alternative. Upon taking apart your filter and cleaning the grids, are you making sure to clean ALL old powder or perlite off the grids? Also, are the grids starting to thin out (can see the inside of them)? or are there any wholes or tears present?? Also, you should check to make sure the grids are seated correctly in the slots. Hope this helps!
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DE filter- why isn't it working properly

Postby bben » Sun 08 Jun, 2014 08:41

check the nuts that attach the finger tubes unto the disk under the bump handel

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