Calcium Nodule Formations-White Plaster

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Calcium Nodule Formations-White Plaster

Postby AZCarla » Mon 24 May, 2010 14:31

I have what I believe are calcium nodule formations on the bottom and steps of my 5 year old white plaster over gunnite pool. They are raised & rough, reminding me of plaster acne and they seem to be growing in number. My preliminary research indicates this is caused when small pinholes or cracks exist between the plaster and gunnite and is more common in replastered pools. Mine is not replastered--yet.

I need to know how to deal with these issues and whether my pool builder (ie their plastering subs) have any responsibility for helping repair this problem, or replastering the pool, before I just assume it is somehow my fault alone.

I have weekly pool service, keep my Ph levels where they should be, no water chemistry problems that I know of and have no idea how this happened other than in the plastering process. Any help out there from all you experts? Thanks!

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Calcium Nodule Formations-White Plaster

Postby czechmate » Wed 26 May, 2010 17:11

5 years would be plenty of time to get calcium hardness to extreme levels, using Calcium Hypochloride.
Have the CH tested in pool store. Calcium scaling is not anything pool builder will warrant or repair for free. Even though Caltreat product claims to remove scaling, I would be careful about it.
It may be sanded of or scrubbed with a stone. if not extensive. I would get an expert to determine the approach. While you looking, maybe even different pool service, since they did not catch your rising CH in time. CH is normally rising pretty slow and prior to scaling pool water will turn cloudy.
Good luck!
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Calcium Nodule Formations-White Plaster

Postby geeman » Fri 04 Jun, 2010 12:44

This is usually a sign of delamination or loose plaster. On a new pool, this would be caused by an overly smooth or dirt shell. Or, plastering over a shell that was less than 28 days old, which is done all the time.
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Calcium Nodule Formations-White Plaster

Postby Curtis A> Robinson Curtis Seal Super Bond Pool work from 1968 ------- » Wed 25 Aug, 2010 23:44

Hi I have delt with many of these problems, some of these problems can be fixed, realy they should have been fixed by the plaster and you do not want to redo pool till you find some one that will use my product and you won't have this problem. I have pleaded with the plaster to use my product. They say it takes them out of the biding. Low bider gets the job???????
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Calcium Nodule Formations-White Plaster

Postby Curtis Seal Super Bond Curtis A. Robinson » Wed 25 Aug, 2010 23:50

I can help?????????????

Calcium Nodule Formations-White Plaster

Postby hallosev » Tue 22 Mar, 2011 11:57

We have this problem, but, oddly enough, only in the attached spa, not in the pool itself, so I suspect it did have something to do with installation. A pumice brick and a lot of elbow grease will smooth it. This is most practical when it is only in a small area.
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Calcium Nodule Formations-White Plaster

Postby dmc123 » Thu 25 Aug, 2011 15:55

Any other suggestions on this topic. WIll it continue to come back even if I srape them off.
My pool guys said for 300 he will drain them sand and patch. Does anything else need to be done???
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Calcium Nodule Formations-White Plaster

Postby Curatolo Pools » Wed 28 Sep, 2011 02:16

The problem can be the opposite of what is being said here so far. I have seen this problem and the fact is there was a lack of calcium and the water by nature demanded it and began pulling calcium from the plaster forming this crystal type build up resulting in a pinhole in the plaster allowing water to enter and causing the plaster to delaminate.. I remodel and diamond brite pools in New Port Richey florida and have seen this many times in the old marcite. When I see this problem I ask the home owner if they ever check the calcium and most times they have never even heard of calcium so this tells me it was the lack of that probably caused the scaling

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