Earth coming out of returns?

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Earth coming out of returns?

Postby Guest » Mon 12 Jun, 2006 21:18

Just opened the pool, got rid of the green color but the water was still cloudy so I backwashed and after I added the earth and put the filter back on I noticed the returns were spitting out the earth? Whats up with that?


Postby Guest » Mon 04 Sep, 2006 07:14

That happened to me . I had a small hole in the cartridge.
I put in a new cartridge and the water cleared up in 2 days of running filter.
The cartridge was expensive so I tried other things first but they did nothing.
Make sure yours is seated correctly first and facing the right way.
Once I put new cartridge in start up as usual by adding DE but your pump will clog up fast because it is sucking all that stray DE out of the pool. I had to clean and back wash my pump twice in 2 days but it fixed the problem and it has not happened since.

Postby Guest » Mon 11 Sep, 2006 20:24

We had the same thing this past spring. Our problem was a worn out gasket. It was about $30 to buy the gasket and replace myself.

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