Reading PH

Problems relating to pH and total alkalinity.
Increase ph, increase TA. Reduce pH, reduce TA.
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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Reading PH

Postby Dianne » Mon 12 Jun, 2006 23:02

I use Taylor reagents for my pool water testing. My PH reads 7.2 and total alkalinity is 180 ppm. I noticed that if I put a drop of Thiosulfate into the color comparator for testing PH (using Phenol Red), I get a different Ph of around 7.4 .
Is it good practice to add a drop of thiosulfate to eliminate the chlorine prior to testing PH?
I am curious if the chlorine(especially after shocking using Dichloro)could possibly "bleach out" the phenol red reagent color and give a false low result.
Also, what is the best light source to use when checking for PH using a color comparator?

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