Thinking on doing my own maitnance

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Thinking on doing my own maitnance

Postby psyclonejack » Fri 28 May, 2010 22:19


I found myself a new pool owner recently and have been using a service for the last year. Frequently they bill me for work above and beyond the base monthly rate. For example, our most recent bill included a $65 charge for "Starite System 3 Filter Dome Air Relief Assembly." Now that sounds like a routine filter replacement, but frankly I have no idea. We are auto billed, so I have already paid for it. I usually call the service company and they explain what they have done and why, but I am starting to think I should educate myself and take this sucker over. Will save me cash and I will have the solace of handling my own pool.

I just found this forum and intend to to some reading here to start the process. Thought I would ask a few questions to get going:

- Can anyone recommend a good book for beginners? (my pool is in Phoenix (with me), and has a heater and waterfall...other than that I think it is pretty standard...oh and PebbleTec)
- How can I determine how old the water is? ie, is it time for a drain and refill
- Can anyone tell me specifically what the $65 charge mentioned above was for

Thanks so much, look forward to diving into this forum (pun intended).

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Thinking on doing my own maitnance

Postby Xclusive » Fri 28 May, 2010 23:39

Hi psyclone,

Quickly, I can tell you that the part itself retails for about $20 or less. Its basically a little plastic tube that connects to your air relief valve on the top of your filter to relieve pressure when opened. The tube may have been frayed, split, defective or whatever. Only the repairman would know if a replacement was warranted. I would give him the benefit of the doubt. Most service techs are not out there to ripoff pool owners on such trivial parts. The $45 difference is probably labor, gas, insurance and all the costs that come with keeping a tech out in the field. If automatic billing raises some concerns for you, just let the company know you wish to be contacted before any repairs are made for approval.

As far as thinking about taking care of your pool on your own, I say go for it. Basic pool maintenance is not that hard at all, especially if you take the time to research and learn about your system. You will however at times encounter issues that you simply wont be able to handle on your own and may have to call a professional. Keeping that in mind check out this link: Theres a wealth of information on this site, and it will help you accomplish what you intend to do: save some money. Just remember it takes time and effort though. Good Luck!

Thinking on doing my own maitnance

Postby anonymous0001 » Sat 12 Jun, 2010 21:48

I found a great DVD called Pool School that showed me all I needed to know about maintaining my new pool. I didn't know ANYTING about pools, and this DVD was a perfect intro. I had been nervous about chemicals, valves, backwashing, etc, and now I feel like a pro! :wink:

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