murky green water

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murky green water

Postby finalllygotmyownpool » Sat 29 May, 2010 23:49

ok my family has had a pool forever and after dad shocked and i cleaned it was always ok... well i finally got my own small pool 12' x 36" deep and i filled it 3 days ago well it was very unlevel and had to drain and move...

got it up and running again, filled with same hose, same water and its a murky green color.... it has been shocked and has chlorine and the levels were low but not bad. the green seemed to get worse. i am driving my dad nuts calling all day. it a very small pool only holds about 2200 gallons of water so this should be an easy fix.

the first time i filled it wasnt green at all and it was at stable running levels, but now i just cannot figure this problem out. i dont want to spend a boat load of money on chemicals so any advice like baking soda to adjust pH levels and things like that would be very helpful. also the nearest pool store is just over an hour away so that is not really what i want to do. HELP with any ideas on how to fix this problem.


murky green water

Postby Blazing » Sat 28 Aug, 2010 17:18

Your problem is related to water circulation and filtration. Check out my site: solvemypoo for a free solution to your problem. Look for the section on Green/cloudy water.

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