Help with Mustard Algae treatment please!

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Help with Mustard Algae treatment please!

Postby kiwiswimmer » Sun 30 May, 2010 08:31

Hi everyone. It's only our second year with our aboveground (came with house) and we have two annoying problems to solve already this season. The first is we have the rusty colored scaley stain covering around 40% of the liner floor. I have read on this forum that it seems to be a fungus coming through the bottom of the liner. I plan on dealing with this issue later.

The second problem is really bad apparently. I patched a small hole successfully in the floor of the liner after this winter - I think a piece of sharp ice punctured it. Anyways, this dumb rookie pool owner patched it wearing his fishing waders and thats how I think I started our Mustard Algae fiesta. I've been reading up a lot about this and I would love any of your advice. Tomorrow I am going to take the local pool stores advice and use a combination of liquid chlorine, "Quantum" Mustard Free and Oxysheen shock. I've been told to throw everying in the pool to disinfect, such as pool toys, bathing suits, vacuum etc. The solar cover has been on. Do I throw that in too? Will the superchlotination not damage it? How long to I leave this stuff in? Do I need to rinse it all off with the hose?

Frankly if the Mustard algae did not suck up so much chlorine I would'nt even bother with eradication as it seems like this will most likely come back. Does anyone have any experience/advice on the above?
Thank you so much1


Help with Mustard Algae treatment please!

Postby Blazing » Sat 28 Aug, 2010 17:24

First, superchlorination will not hurt either your pool surface or the cover. Plastic is immune as chlorine products are stored in plastic. Second, you may have more than one problem. Please check out my web site for free solutions to your problem(s). Keep in mind that I have over 25 years in pool and spa service treating over 50 pools a week, plus I train other pool men, and none of them have problems as long as the instructions found there are followed.

I understand that your pool is an above ground pool and that most of my pools are in ground. All of the same rules apply. If you have further questions I can be reached at aaw

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