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Postby jcas » Mon 31 May, 2010 22:59

Hey all, quick question. My remote sensor that plugs into the GFI outlet turns the light on when I hit my remote to turn the light on. My outlet kept tripping, checked everything and when I finally unplugged the remote sensor (black box) the outlet now works fine. SO i'm assuming the problem was that black box. Now, how do i wire in something to turn my lights on? I would like to install a toggle type switch or even just a plain switch. Thanks for your help, very informative site.

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Postby jocelin » Thu 06 Sep, 2012 22:18

Sure, provided, of course, the base of the LED Spotlights matches the socket. It doesn't matter what the wattage is of the bulb you have in the lamp is unless it's stated that a maximum wattage can be used. The only thing is that when you put in your new LED Panel Light it will only work on one setting of the three way switch. This means that you'll have to turn the switch twice to get the bulb toLED High Bay Lighting

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