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Getting my pool ready

Postby bobble » Tue 01 Jun, 2010 04:47

I am new to pool ownership but this is my second year of experience and I feel like I am still groping in the dark.
Last year I emptied the pool and completley replaced all the water after my water bill I decided this year I would try to avoid this. But I am having trouble getting it clean and ready for use.
The pool was winterised but still I have heavy deposits of leaves and algae, the local pool shop told me to apply 2.5kg of "shock" treatment, which I did. The pool is now no longer green but it is very cloudy and I can not see to the bottom.
I purchased an electronic Aquachek and it tells me the I have 0.4 CL, 7.8 ph and 210 alk. So I guess I need to add bicarb or hydro chloric acid. I when to the store and brought a 5 litre bottle of hydrochloric acid and proceeded to put it in the pool. I researched the the quantaties and found the Pool Wizard and calculated that I would need over 17600ml of the stuff. I have 110,000 litre pool and to reduce the alcalinity by around 100ppm. does this sound right?
I feel like I am randomley throwing chemicals in to my pool is there an order in which i should do this or do you have to doa bit and then wait and test and is my Aquachek the best device to test the water.

I also seem to stir up a ton of much then I use my leaf rack to scoop up the leaves should I give up drain the pool scrub it out and refill?

Any advice would be most welcome, from some seasoned professionals, I fear this year I will spend the summer being a pool boy and never enjoy the pool or worry I will melt the kids when they jump in.

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