How long to wait before and after calcium?

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How long to wait before and after calcium?

Postby Guitar55 » Thu 02 Jun, 2005 11:45

I got my pH and Alkalinity levels good. Now I'm trying to get hardness up from 100 to 200. The pool store said I had to wait 24 hrs after alkalinity to add calcium and wait another 24 hrs before shocking.

Is this right?

I called 2 other pool stores, one said wait 4 hrs, the other said wait 6 hrs???

Any advice is appreciated,

Pool Help

Hardness problem

Postby Pool Help » Fri 17 Feb, 2006 13:40

I usually add the calcium flake and shock almost immediately. The calcium is so soluble that it dissolves before reaching the bottom of the pool.

Calcium and chlorine are NOT incompatible. Shock chlorine actually contains a large amount of calcium by its chemical nature (calcium hypochlorite).

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