opening of igp Sunday

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opening of igp Sunday

Postby » Tue 13 Jun, 2006 10:25

:cry: Opened pool Sunday have a Loop Loc cover the pool was totally black. Ran filter 48 hrs in last two days and added 4 cases of Shock. Last night added 1 full bottle of Black Algae. Pool is now blue but the wate is very cloudy still can't see bottom. I already backwashed once. What is next. MY PH is 7.8 my ALk is 98 hardiness is 55 I have to bring that up but not until the pool is clear. I have slow tabs in (usally I use 3 /3 a wk) 20x40 pool. I have 8 in there now and only 3 have dessolved.
Anyone have any suggestions? I would like to have the pool cleared by Saturday so I can have it vac. and start swimming.

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