Converting from bacquacil and pool is green

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Converting from bacquacil and pool is green

Postby rond » Fri 04 Jun, 2010 10:36

I could use all the help I can get. I have a 16x24 above ground Doughboy. I use a sand filter. For the last five long years we have been using BACQUACIL and things have gone from bad to worse. I gave up and started the conversion(I think) to chlorine. When the winter cover came off the pool was soooo green that I could not see the top step. I went to my pool store with a water sample and they said "shock" it with 2 lbs of OMNI Breakout 35 (lithium hypochlorite) . These are the results the next day
FAC .05
Total Chlorine 1.1
Combined chlorine .06
TA 99
PH 7.7
The water was still as green and the store suggested muriatic acid(to lower the PH) and 4 more lbs of shock.
I did that last night and ran the filter all night and my stinkin' pool is still as green. I can see the 2nd step of the ladder though... about 2 feet down if I squint and the sunlight is just right :)

What can I do?? My kids are now out of school and want to swim!

chem geek
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Converting from bacquacil and pool is green

Postby chem geek » Fri 04 Jun, 2010 21:29

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