Emerald green cloudy water

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Emerald green cloudy water

Postby robcava » Sat 05 Jun, 2010 10:20

Hi all. I recently purchased a house with a pool. When I opened the pool the water was clear. I vacuumed, go the water chemistry in line and added salt/SWG to the system. As soon as I shocked the pool, the water turned emerald green. It eventually got cloudy too. I had the water tested and I did have just under 1ppm copper.

Current readings (24,000 gallon pool):

PH 7.5
TA 160
CH 200
CYA 50ppm
TC 1ppm- know this is low but if I add more water turns green(
FC 1ppm

The pool place told me that it sounded like copper is my issue. I added 2 bottles of metal free sequestrant (this is about 2x the amount it says to use for my size pool) and some floculant and the water turned almost blue, Still cant quite see bottom of deep end. Even after all that sequestrant when I try to raise my chlorine the water turns dark green in a matter of minutes. Im not sre what to do next. Can I add more sequestrant or will this cause problems?

Im not sure what to do next.

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Emerald green cloudy water

Postby chem geek » Mon 07 Jun, 2010 00:37

You need to use more metal sequestrant since increasing the chlorine level (using a hypochlorite source of chlorine or using the SWG) raises the pH and causes copper to fall out of solution. You might need to use a better sequestrant such as one of the ones mentioned in Metals in the Water and Metal Staining.

Long-term, you will have to dilute the water to get rid of the copper, unless you are lucky enough to have it form solids that get caught in the filter and can get backwashed or removed through cleaning. You are fortunate that the copper didn't stain pool surfaces since it can be much harder to remove than iron stains.

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