Intex Cs8110 Swg Does Not Turn On.

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Intex Cs8110 Swg Does Not Turn On.

Postby mbiker1 » Sat 05 Jun, 2010 11:41

I've only had the Intex CS8110 SWG with Copper Ionization for one day and now it won't light up the LCD. I am not sure if it's the power supply (transformer) or it is something on the circuit board. I noticed that the circuit board is a little different than previous 8110 generators. There are two fuses but they are intact. Here's what happened. I plugged it in and then followed the instructions on how to program it. It ran fine for the time I programmed. The next day I was walking past the power cord and accidently tripped on the cord and pulled it from the GCFI outlet. I then plugged it back in and a beep sound came on and then nothing. No 88 LCD. I called intex and they are sending out a new one. They said not to fix it and keep it. But if it was this easy to just pitch a perfectly good unit and they don't want it back says volumes about their products. Thay they in fact may be junk. Anyway, if it is this touchy then I am thinking of just selling it and try to fix the other one and selling the replacement, I am at a loss. It seems like a perfectly good SWG to just pitch. I hate throwing brand new stuff out just because Intex could not send out some sort of fuse or transformer or some simple fix. I can fix most things. I am technically capable but somethings I could use advise on like this. WHAT COULD BE CAUSING THE LCD NO TO LIGHT UP? ANY SUGGESTIONS.


Intex Cs8110 Swg Does Not Turn On.

Postby ChrisMac1 » Fri 03 Sep, 2010 07:08

I've had the same problem. Had the system set up for one day, programmed like the manual said. The next day at about the same time I noticed that the system did not activate like it was supposed to and that there were no LCDs displayed. I tried to unlock it--nothing. I turned it off, back on--nothing. The power supply is still warm, so it feels like power is getting the system is getting power (I switched outlets between the filter unit and the SWG just to be sure the SWG outlet was working).

Have you had any resolution w/ the old system? I'm about to call Intex for help. How is the new system working for you?

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