trying to decide on a robotic vacuum

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trying to decide on a robotic vacuum

Postby lisajeanne » Sat 05 Jun, 2010 17:37

I am in the market for a robotic inground pool vacuum. My pool is 16 x 32 with a vinyl liner and removable steps. It is approximately 6 feet deep at the deep end. It seems that each time I find what seems to be good information about a product, I then see negative comments on the next web site. I'm interested in hearing good and bad information, especially about how long these things last.

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trying to decide on a robotic vacuum

Postby jencat » Sun 13 Jun, 2010 22:21

I'm new to pools -- year 2 with my AG approx 15,000 g pool. I recently purchased the Aquabot Pool Rover - that is the Aquabot's line for AG pools. If the inground version is as good as this one, I would give it consideation. Mine works great, in less than 2 hrs my pool is sparkling clean with nothing left on the bottom (I look closely, underwater, don't just look from deck). Mine has suction from underneath and is propelled by jets of water from the top. I think the IG vesion has brushes too and can climb walls (maybe partial?). Good luck with your search, I'll watch to see what you get & how you like it.

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