Need HELP opening our pool

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Need HELP opening our pool

Postby Kimberly » Fri 11 Jun, 2010 10:48

My fiance and I bought our house in August. Swam a few times and had a pool company close our pool. We've tried to open it with the same pool company and also another pool company and no one can figure out what is wrong. Our pump is in the basement of our home. Water will not through the main drain or skimmer line on it's own. We can use a wet/dry vac and get water to come out and we can stick a hose in our skimmer and water will come through. Once we turn either off, the water quits coming through. We've had our lines snaked and still water won't come out. One of the pool companys got it working, but it only worked for two days and then stopped again. Any ideas?

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Need HELP opening our pool

Postby SteveM1800 » Wed 23 Jun, 2010 12:33

Have you backwashed your filter?

Need HELP opening our pool

Postby Guest » Fri 25 Jun, 2010 10:42

We actually got it going a couple of days ago. Thanks!

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