How to clean Fiber Optic Lighting surrounding pool

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How to clean Fiber Optic Lighting surrounding pool

Postby Shelmorg » Sat 12 Jun, 2010 08:31

We have fiber optic lighting surrounding the upper edge of our fiber glass pool. It is so badly stained this year the light will not even shine through. Any ideas of what to use on this tubing? Have used many house hold cleaners. It is a brownish, rust colored stain. With allot of scrubbing you can get some off but nothing seams to really work.

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How to clean Fiber Optic Lighting surrounding pool

Postby geeman » Tue 15 Jun, 2010 07:57

I don't have any suggestions on what to use. But, make sure that, whatever you use, try it on a small section first. You may find that some cleaners will dull or cloud the plastic.
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How to clean Fiber Optic Lighting surrounding pool

Postby IndoorPoolGuy » Sat 10 Mar, 2012 20:40

Hi Geeman! Have you checked this guide to swimming pool lighting at

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