Turquoise cloudy water graduation on sat

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Turquoise cloudy water graduation on sat

Postby onyx » Fri 18 Jun, 2010 08:17

Any help would be appriciated, I am loosing my mind!
I inherited a 24 17,000 gall round AG pool, covered inproperly over the winter. When I uncovered the pool about a month ago it was green/black. Went to the pool store got a leaf vacuum and got all the icky leaves and everything else that had made its way in out.
Then on the suggestion of the pool store shocked with 6 gallons of shock, black aglecide and mustard algaecide. Pool went from green/black to a green, schocked again 4 gallons (super shock) went a smidge lighter. Shocked again 6 gallons (super shock) added clarifier. At the turquoise blue cloudy stage.
Throughout the whole process backwashed, scrubbed entire pool vacuumed 2 daily.
Figuring I need better advice I went to a smaller pool store, tested the water, readings were
FC .5
TC .8
Combined Chlorine .3
TA 67
pH 7.4
TH 79
Copper 0
Iron 0
Total Dissloved Solids 0
Saturation Index -.75

They tell me that I have not "shocked" the pool mearly surprised it, and to add 4lbs stabilizer, 3 1/2 lbs total alkilinity for three days, 5 lbs calcium hardness for 4 days 5 gallons of shcok and it would be clear by morning. So it wasn't added 2 1/2 gallons in am, nothing. Again they said super shock I shocked again with 10lbs of shock that was 78% chlorine. No change. A month ago when this all started I thought foolishly enough that having a graduation pool party tomorrow, would be fine! Now I'm stuck and freaking out!
This was my test this AM
TH 400
FC 10
TC 10
pH 8.4
TA 120
CYA 100
whats my next step? FLOCK? more shock? I'm confused...

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