Soap suds on surface of pool

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Pool Care Proficient
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Soap suds on surface of pool

Postby swimfit » Tue 26 Oct, 2010 01:34

This probably is the resultant of algaecide. Unless inspected physically can't conclude surely on the cause. why don't you contact your pool builders? Best and quickest of all options.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Soap suds on surface of pool

Postby luvrockin » Thu 02 Jun, 2011 14:37

I opened my pool on Memorial Day and added about 18 oz of algecide to mine per the bottles instruction for size at opening. I have the same issue, when I run the filter it foams/suds up on the top. After the filter is off a bit, it clears up and is as clear as can be. Chemicals are right on. Sounds like it's something with the algecide causing your problem too.

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