No suction to the pump,no output to the pool,(Hayward Flex P

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No suction to the pump,no output to the pool,(Hayward Flex P

Postby snowleone » Sat 19 Jun, 2010 20:17

Hi.We bought a new Hayward filter last year and a new pump/motor the year before.As we are getting it going this year,we suddenly have no suction to the pump and no output to the pool.We cleared out EVERYTHING,filter,hoses and all.Everything SEEMS to running okay EXCEPT for the fact that NOTHING is happening.We have never experienced this and are wondering what could possibly be wrong.Being that the filter and pump are relatively new,what can this be?Help,please?
P.S.We do have a light system for the return,since day 1,could that have caused a problem??Never been a problem before.We are scratching our heads here.Is it possible for the connection between the pump and the tank,that we've had since day 1,16 years,could THAT possibly be a problem?Although no water is leaking between the two.

Please help!
And thank you!!!

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No suction to the pump,no output to the pool,(Hayward Flex P

Postby ChuckGeo » Sun 20 Jun, 2010 08:39

I think there are two possibilities. First, the impeller could be clogged with debris. To check this, turn off the pump, remove the strainer pot lid and basket and reach into the sucton opening in the back of the pot (the motor end) with a needle nose plier and try to feel in the impeller nozzle for a clog. It will feel soft, if so remove it with the pliers, you will probably have to reach in and remove the clog several times to get it all out. Alternatively you can disassemble the pump - pull the motor end from the pot end - and inspect the impeller. If not clogged, is the impeller secure on the motor shaft? It's possible for the impeller to come loose from the shaft causing the impeller threads the strip so when the motor turns the impeller doesn't.
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