Frog Infestation - HELP!

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Frog Infestation - HELP!

Postby Guest » Thu 02 Jun, 2005 19:31

Just bought a house with a small inground pool and have discovered that frogs really like to hang out in it....AND LAY THEIR EGGS!!! Bought a solar cover which helps, but only to a certain extent. Have had major Thunderstorms the last two days and finally took the solar cover off to discover thousands of eggs laid on the bottom of the pool.

Besides screening in the pool (which I am saving up for), any suggestions on how to prevent these frogs from entering my pool??



Pool Helper

Pool frog problem

Postby Pool Helper » Sun 29 Jan, 2006 14:42

Keeping a chlorine residual of at least 0.5ppm will usually keep the frogs away. Frogs are extremely sensitive to chlorine and hate the stuff.

If you are getting frogs in your pool then the water must be very inviting; this is actually a good sign as frogs are water specialists and generally choose the purest water they can find.

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