Wasp nest over pool- spray?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Wasp nest over pool- spray?

Postby dishe » Thu 24 Jun, 2010 14:35

Hey guys-
I noticed a little baseball sized wasp nest on a tree branch which partially overhangs my pool.

Normally I would just tell the kids to stay away from it, but being over the pool makes me nervous- especially if my kids are splashing around.

What is the best way to remove this safely? My landlord wants to just spray it with one of those far-range wasp killing cans, but I'm nervous about getting that poison in the pool.

Someone told me that the poison is probably less toxic than the chlorine and I shouldn't worry, but I'm not so sure- I mean, chlorine can be toxic, but is designed for disinfecting. The poison is designed to kill highly aggressive insects FAST.

What do you guys think? Is it safe?


Wasp nest over pool- spray?

Postby BrianG. » Tue 29 Jun, 2010 11:06

I dunno, some of those poisons are designed to linger and kill for an extended amount of time.

I'm surprised no one else has responded yet- hasn't anyone ever wanted to spray insecticides on/near your pool??
I'd like to know the answer to this as well...
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Wasp nest over pool- spray?

Postby SteveM1800 » Wed 07 Jul, 2010 13:10

I would say if your not spraying a lot everything will be fine, but if you are then i would make sure the chlorine level is normal and after spraying dont let anybody swim and run the filter for atleast 8 hrs. It will be safe by then.

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