brown water please help

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brown water please help

Postby kelly » Thu 24 Jun, 2010 20:14

i have a small 8x15 peanut pool 2500 gal. my water was fine till my pump broke 2 days later i got a new one, but water was cloudy, then milky..but water test was i flocked the pool took about a week had to vac. like 6 times on waste. pool still i flocked the filter its been 7 days running and pool is worse. lady tells me my ph is to high and to add ph - and add a half bag turbo shock and come back in 2 days. ph is still high. she tells me to add ph- and a half bag of turbo shock again. now its going on 3 weeks with milky pool and about 10 bags of shock later, i decide i was going to drain most of it out and fill it back up again. now its about a half foot deep. so i have to fill it back up because of the liner, so i put hose in and leave, i came back home to find that the water co is doing something with the lines and now my pool is full of water and its brown like a crick or something, like really i dont know what to do? please help me

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brown water please help

Postby SteveM1800 » Wed 07 Jul, 2010 12:51

Im not 100% sure where that color is coming from, but usually the brown coloring in water comes from iron. Test your metal levels.

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