green slimy crud

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green slimy crud

Postby hopeless » Fri 25 Jun, 2010 08:13

Help me please, I just bought a house that has been empty for 2 years, We have an above ground pool, I took the cover off and the water is green. There is this black, green, slimy stuff floating on the top of the pool and all over the bottom. I have added chlorine to clear it up so i can see in the pool. A bunch of the stuff came off the bottom of the pool and is floating on the top now. I have got as much as i can out with the net, and i got a leaf catcher thing to get as much as i can off the bottom. now, what i am understanding i think is, that this is algae. ok, so heres my questions, 1, is it safe to vaccum up this much algae ? ( I have a sand filter) 2. When do i need to add the algaeside ? 3 will it ever be swim-able ?

Nrugesh Patel

Green Algae

Postby Nrugesh Patel » Fri 09 Jul, 2010 08:42

I have swimming pool .it's capacity 5,00,000 Ltrs. It's Canal Water. Canal water contains green algae. how can i
clean water.


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