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IC20 Intellichlor

Postby Ktown » Tue 29 Jun, 2010 13:08


I had a IC20 salt generator installed with my new pool and have been struggling to get enough free chlorine produced for my 75000L pool. I used a salt generator on my above ground pool last year and when it operated I could see gas bubbles in the return flow back into the pool when the generator was producing chlorine. With the Pentair IC20 I am not seeing any gas bubbles in the return flow into the pool when it is set to 100% with the exception of one time. During the one period of time I could see gas bubbles in the return flow I could hear the IC20 working aggressively.

My question: What is normal?

1) no gas bubbles in the return flow into the pool and I can not hear the IC20 working ( bubbling ) unless I put my ear to it.


2) gas bubbles visible in the return flowi nto the pool and I can hear the IC20 working while standing beside it.

Thank you in advance for answers.



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IC20 Intellichlor

Postby lbridges » Tue 29 Jun, 2010 14:35

I see gas bubbles from time to time using my Intellichlor IC-40.

Please excuse me if this is too obvious, but what is the assigned duty cycle? If, for example, it's set to be on 25% as is mine, you would need to only look during the "on" portion of the cycle.

As an aside, IC-20 may be undersized for your pool. Of course that depends on indoor/outdoor, full/partial sun, etc.

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