Yikes, I Reattached the Cleaner and Now No Water Flow

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Yikes, I Reattached the Cleaner and Now No Water Flow

Postby Audrey » Fri 02 Jul, 2010 17:57

I'm new to swimming pools and am afraid I really messed up the plumbing system. This morning I detached the Polaris 280 to have the wheel bearings replaced. The pool cleaner was off all day, but the pool pump turned on. I came home to water bubbling rapidly/gushing out of one of the pool pump value openings inside the pool. Water normally flows smoothly out all these openings when the pump is on. I reattached the Polaris to its hose and turned it on (with the pool pump running) only to find no water flowing into it although the pool cleaner pump itself was running. Can you help me troubleshoot the problem? Something seems to be creating a water flow problem into to the Polaris while water is gushing too rapidly out of one of the round openings in the pool. Thanks, Audrey

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