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Postby kellijohnson » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 07:32

Okay, so heres the scoop....

I have a Intex (Metal Bars, Vinyl Liner) its 18x48

We live in Michigan so the weather is always tricky. Its been really warm, except for the last week it dropped down into the low 60s. So no swimming running filter or adding chemicals during that time, and rain water got in.

So I removed the cover yesterday and found some algae and lots of green water. So I went to the store and added the follwoing...

1/2 gal of Sanitizer
1 bag of 6 in 1 shock

waited 12 hours and tested the water.

-High in Chlorine
-Low in PH
*Water still green.

So I then when back to the store and added the following...

and a PH degcreaser.

Left the pump going for about 2 more hours, and went to bed. Came out this morning and the water is still really green, tested my water. Chlorine is high, and Ph is balanced now.

Now what should I do? My pump cant be ran all day because its the cheap intex one, and overheats but I can run it for like 5 hours at a time. But what should I do to get the green color water out? I see no signs of algae on the pool sides, floor or ladder steps. I'm having bbqs sunday and monday....
HELP!!! Please....

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Postby chem geek » Sun 04 Jul, 2010 01:58

Defeating Algae. You'll need a good test kit to be able to measure the chlorine and CYA levels accurately. Get the Taylor K-2006 or the TF-100. In the meantime, add chlorinating liquid or 6% unscented bleach and keep the FC level high. The algae should go from green to gray/cloudy and then clear if you keep the filter running 24/7 and keep the chlorine level high.

If the water is clear green, then it could be metals, but lowering the pH should have lightened that up. Adding a metal sequestrant would help in that case. Metals in the Water and Metal Stains.

With a cheap Intex filter and pump, that's going to take time to clear a pool. If the water volume is fairly low, perhaps you could consider dumping and refilling to start over.

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