Springy floor on fiberglass pool...

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Springy floor on fiberglass pool...

Postby jmccollum » Sat 10 Jul, 2010 13:13

Quick inquiry for you experts....

We just closed on a house that has a fiberglass pool. The pool is just over a year old and recently I have noticed that when you are in the middle of the swimming pool, it has a springboard like flexibility that can be felt by others in the pool all the way out to the edges. I've been told this may be the foundation washing out from under the pool. Has anybody ever had experience with this and should I be overly concerned? Also, what are repair options once this process has started?

I'm currently waiting to hear back from the installer but would like some insight prior to our discussion.


I'm new here
I'm new here
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Springy floor on fiberglass pool...

Postby perezsg » Sun 13 Feb, 2011 16:19

Hello - did you ever find out the source of the problem? And what was required to correct the problem? I had a fiberglass pool installed about 4 years ago and have also noticed the exact same problem. i.e. the fiberglass pool's floor is a bit bubbly - i.e. it moves slightly.


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