Was green now its very cloudy/blue

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: I have an Intex above ground swimming pool that is 15 x 48". Its round and holds approximately 4440 gallons of water. The pool came with a 1.4amp pump that uses cartridge filters. :)
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Was green now its very cloudy/blue

Postby justpeachy78 » Sun 11 Jul, 2010 08:05

Hello, im having some problems with my pool water and was hoping for some advice! We have had our pool for about two months now, the water has been clear for the most part but did notice cloudy water the past couple of weeks or so...

Problem:about 11 days ago i woke up to green pool water. To make a very long story short, here is what we have put into the pool so far:

2 & 1/2 bags of Ultra Blue Shock
3 Doses of 50% algeicide
4 Doses of PH increaser
3oz water Clarifier

so, after we did the ph increaser the water turned blue but now its very cloudy. The "white stuff' settles to the bottom if we cut off the pump. We tried to vacuum it up but it didn't work, went straight through the filter and vacuum bag.

The following results are from the Aquachem 6-way test strips:

pH:very low
TA:very low
CH: doesnt test
CYA:doesnt test

My pool: Intex 15 x 48" round above ground pool
Pool chemicals: have been using a bag of shock once week and 1 3" chlorine puck once a week
My pump & filter: Krystal clear filter pump 1.4amph
Other info: Stabilizer is reading very low too, total hardness is reading very low. Right before the water turned green there was a hard rain the day before. We use city water to fill up the pool.



Was green now its very cloudy/blue

Postby jerryk » Wed 28 Jul, 2010 19:32

We have the same problem.. Same pool except we have an Intex Salt system.. Out pump broke and it took a week to get here.. So no Clorination for a week in 90+ deg weather.. GREEN bottom and water... Now things are looking pretty good. I vaccumed the bottom Green / Brown stuff and running the clorinator almost non stop trying to get the FC level up..

But the water is a Blueish cloudy... And it does not seem to be improving.


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