Chlorine gone!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Chlorine gone!

Postby keithjackson » Sun 18 Jul, 2010 08:44

hi,i am new to this site. lst year,i moved to south west france. i inherited a 60 cu met auto chlorine (salt) swintonic pool the prev owners left no instructions whatsoever,so it is a sharp learning curve im on!.the unit is one year old,and apart from a little odd algie,i have had no problems. two weeks ago,however,the pool turned is very hot at the moment. on testing the water,i found no reading of chlorine,the ph was low and the t.a was low. i shocked it ,and put ph + in,and the readings came up,then the chlorine again went to zilch. i was then told that i may have to add salt.this i done,adding 7 bags (25kg) to water. after a few days of ph + addjustment and anti algie doses,the pool looked,and tested good. two weeks later,tests find again,no chlorine,but ph and ta are good. do i again,have to add more salt(and if so,is it normal to keep adding it?). i run the pump and unit for 10 hours in 24,and have it at 99%. the water is still nice and clear at the moment. many thanks,keith :oops:

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Chlorine gone!

Postby floridapooltech » Wed 11 Aug, 2010 23:30

Don't know if you ever solved your problem with the salt system not generating enough chlorine, however, since it is hotter this time of year, have you tried raising the output level so it creates more FC? This should help.
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Chlorine gone!

Postby swimfit » Sun 08 May, 2011 03:33

Looks like this prob must hav got solved. Could you share what worked here?

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