stained pool steps

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stained pool steps

Postby danglyn » Fri 23 Jul, 2010 17:37

Could anyone please give me some tips on who wo clean the pool steps which are plastic. my pool has a liner in it and these are permanent steps which have been stained. How do I get them clean or must I replace them?

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stained pool steps

Postby lbridges » Fri 23 Jul, 2010 20:23

Try rubbing a vitamin C tablet on a stain. Vitamin C is a mild acid (ascorbic acid) and works against several types of stain. If it works you can buy a larger quantity of Ascorbic acid, but you should have a quantity of bleach on hand as it will deplete the chlorine IIRC.
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stained pool steps

Postby floridapooltech » Mon 02 Aug, 2010 15:56

it may not be citric acid that will help. The best option, is to get a stain ID kit from your local pool retailer, then follow the instructions from each of the packets to find out what causes the stain to figure how to remove it. Vitamin C, if used incorrectly, can cause your water to become "milky". So it will be best to do it right, the first time, then fix two problems.

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