Buying an above ground pool to go in the ground

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Buying an above ground pool to go in the ground

Postby elainet » Sun 25 Jul, 2010 10:53

We have a house in the south of France. Due to agricultural planning laws we can't put in an in ground pool but can put in an above ground pool that we sink into the ground apart from the last 30cm! Which pool should we go for? What are doughboy like? Are we better getting a wood constructed pool? Please help we are total novices!
Thanks Elainet

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Buying an above ground pool to go in the ground

Postby floridapooltech » Mon 09 Aug, 2010 01:10

Different pool types/styles are mainly up to the pool owner. All pool types have their own advantages, as well as disadvantages. Things you may want to consider is pool use, how you need to enter (stairs, ladder, handicap ramp), how it's going to look in your backyard. Really, it all depends on your own personal and usage preferences!
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