New Swimline Liner install on Doughboy pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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New Swimline Liner install on Doughboy pool

Postby nancyoc » Tue 27 Jul, 2010 17:00

We have had our 18 x 48 Doughboy for over eight years now. It was time to replace the liner. I ordered one from Swimline. I bought the 25 gauge, at a great price. It was delivered to my door the very next day (oh, and shipping was free!!)
The instructions that came with this liner were nothing like the instructions that cam with our doughboy pool. I called swimline to discuss the proper installation, and was told the instructions that ship with the liners are only a guide, and to use the pool manufacturers instructions.
So, I thought it would be helpful if I post for those who are having issues getting their liners in wrinkle free and to fit properly.
(You can go to the doughboy website, and get the instructions. But it really isnt that difficult.) You will need about a dozen large binder clips, and cardboard.
On a nice hot sunny day, unfold the liner inside of the pool. stretch it out so you have pretty well centered. Now you need to pull the liner over the sides of the pool. Use the cardboard under the clips to help hold it in place. You will do this all the way around. Now, (you need to be on the outside of the pool now), begin pulling the liner out more, all the way around, a small amount at a time, until the bottom center of the liner is just off the ground inside the pool. Use a measuring tape to make sure you have the same amount of liner hanging down all the way around the pool. Now get your water hose, and start putting in the water. As it begins to fill, it will pull the liner down in the center. This prevent wrinkles on the bottom. As you fill, you need to check about every ten minutes or so, depending on your water pressure. You dont want to overstretch. As needed, go around the pool, and release a bit of liner by taking off the binder clip and allowing a bit more liner in. Replace the clip, move on to the next one. DO this until you are ready to attach your skimmer and cut your holes for plumbing. From there you really wont need the binder clips/cardboard anymore. We have done two liners as Doughboy instructed, and both times the work went flawlessly. Hope this helps someone...

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