Pool Pump Keeps Tripping

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Pool Pump Keeps Tripping

Postby Dan5 » Fri 30 Jul, 2010 23:43

We've had a lot of rain in a short period of time. Unfortunately, this also coincided with me being out of town for a few days. I noticed today that my pump wasnt running at the regularly scheduled time and the debris in my pool indicates that the system hasn't been running for a few days. I restarted the system and watched the pump attempt to turn on but couldn't get going - ie I could hear it attempting to start to no avail. After a few seconds of trying the pump essentially gives up. The pump feels warm after this, but there are no real bad noises coming from the pump.

Is there any chance that the high water level due to the excessive rain is putting too much stress on the pump to start? The water level is almost entirely over the skimmer - yes, we've had a lot of rain. Do I need to get rid of some of that water? Or do I have an unrelated pump problem?

Thanks for any advice.

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Pool Pump Keeps Tripping

Postby floridapooltech » Mon 09 Aug, 2010 01:36

By chance...did you happen to recently purchase that pump, or replace the motor? If so, it sounds to me like your running "110" power, and still have the motor hooked up to the factory default of "220". If this is the case, it is an easy fix as their is either going to be a switch, or a "bridge" that you will move located where the wiring hooks into the motor housing.

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