8 oz Shampoo put in pool HELP!

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8 oz Shampoo put in pool HELP!

Postby PoolOwner123 » Sat 31 Jul, 2010 13:38

My daughter and her friends put about 8 oz of shampoo in the spa for a huge bubble bath. It flowed over into the pool and about over foot of bubbles formed solid over the whole pool and spa. Pool is about 15' x 35 feet, spa is about 8' circle. We ran the filter all night and the bubbles are gone. I just turned on the spa and within less than a minute the bubbles are back to a foot high. What do I do?

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8 oz Shampoo put in pool HELP!

Postby lbridges » Sat 31 Jul, 2010 18:19

They make defoaming products (mostly for spas), not sure how it would work on shampoo, but worth a shot if no one else has a better suggestion. Pool/Spa stores should carry it and a good Ace Hardware store might stock it (I've seen it on the shelf at mine). I have never used the product - just throwing this out in case of no other good ideas.
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8 oz Shampoo put in pool HELP!

Postby floridapooltech » Mon 02 Aug, 2010 15:43

put a good flocculent into your pool and run the system according to the specs. Should help!
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