Brown Water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Brown Water

Postby amjshear » Thu 19 Aug, 2010 07:18

New pool owner here, just got done filling the pool with city water after a day the water turned green, at the advise of the pool place I put 4 bags of shock in it waited an hour and put the clarifer in it. As soon as I put the shock in the water turned brown. We have a DE filter and took it apart during this process to clean it. It was dirty everytime. We took it apart 4 times last night to clean it. Taking a sample to the pool store today. Any advise??



Brown Water

Postby accupool727/ » Wed 09 Feb, 2011 00:37

U need to be patient in this process. The pool stores dont always know what there talking about. Depending on the size of your pool u need to start by throwing 3 jugs of chlorene into pool along with your shock, i use Nouratic Acid throw 3-4 gallons into pool, u dont balance till end anyways. Let pool sit for 24hrs at least. U need to brush a few times an clean your filter as much as possible because remember your filtering all this dirt and crab in pool. If u need a new filter then replace it because it is very important in this process. After your 24hrs check with testing strips and if it needs chlorene add another jug 2 1/2 gallons and repeat everyday untill it is correct on your strip. Balance the PH while after like 3 days or so by using sodium bicarbonate. Add 1 1/2 pounds for a 10ppm increase per 10,000 gallons until ph is level. Remember to add stabilizer in process and algeacides as well. If u dont know what ur doing call a pool expert but if u do what i said an follow ur testing strips u can get it clear in no time. ***Your brown water is due to metals and irons from water being in pool. You need a metal out solution from your local pool store, an follow directions. I would put that in while in the process of doing what i said at top of page but follow directions on back! Ur pool should be perfect after about a week, but it will be clear after the first few days. Call a pool pro. Hope i helped. Accu-Pools of Florida
Pool Care Proficient
Pool Care Proficient
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Brown Water

Postby swimfit » Mon 21 Feb, 2011 00:25

The brown colour of the pool water is due to the presence of metal in it. It can be a real pain in getting them rid off the water or even keep from oxidising. Hose filter can be a good option in removing heavy metal content in pool water. Nevertheless, you can consult the pool store in getting a solution added to remove the same.

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