PLumbing from pressure to suction many problems!

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James Watson

PLumbing from pressure to suction many problems!

Postby James Watson » Sun 29 Aug, 2010 21:49

The pictures that you have provided are very helpful. Perhaps a few more overview picture would help. Although, I think that this is going to require a visit from a good service technician.

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PLumbing from pressure to suction many problems!

Postby lbridges » Mon 30 Aug, 2010 19:33

James Watson wrote:It appears that they connected to suction cleaner to your spa suction line. I'm not sure why they did that. I would think that it would be connected to the pool suction line...

That is a confusing bit that I don't get either. Without an explanation I would say you shouldn't re-employ that person.

I don't see how that causes more of a problem than water levels though.

Since the change from the pressure line to suction line seems to be the only change, my bet is on something in the junk they threw into the filter system has blocked off a line, probably flowing out until the lines at the spa got small enough to block them off.

If the spa is shut off is the pool flow about right?
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PLumbing from pressure to suction many problems!

Postby Pool Clown » Sat 18 Sep, 2010 01:53

I'm looking at the "after plumbing nightmare" pic...

I agree with Jim Watson, the line at the bottom of the pic should have been plumbed into the pool side. It will work like this, it's just one more valve you have to turn when switching over to run in spa mode, thats all.

The water travels out of the pump thru the vertical pipe, up over and down to the bottom fitting of the filter where it enters the filter. Then out thru the upper fitting on the filter and then goes down into the ground, over to the heater, then back over to the rear of the pad where it goes thru the Chlorine generator cell (which has been removed and plugged). Now all water goes thru the by-pass, which by the way could be your problem cuz that by-pass looks like it's only a 1" line in 2 places. Anyway, the water then goes back into the ground to pop up again at the front of the pad (just to the left of the red "sprays" valve) up to the Jandy valve where it splits, pool or spa. Spa to the right, thru a check valve, then on to the spa. To the left it goes to the pool (near), and it looks like the other goes to a water feature (far) thru another check valve.

Put the valves in the position to run the jets, and take a pic and post, lets see if you got all the valve handles in the correct positions.
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