Pool Motor Overheating - High Amps

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Pool Motor Overheating - High Amps

Postby floridapooltech » Sat 04 Sep, 2010 02:11

Rob W wrote:
Allen G Myerson wrote:
Rob W
If you do decide to change the voltage, just get a 15/2 circuit breaker, move the hot from the 20-amp breaker to one pole and the neutral from the bar to the other pole and rewire the pump.

I also thought about advising the poster to do this. However, I had a few concerns:
1) I think that there is some question about the integrity of the wires.
2) Without seeing the job, I would be concerned that the neutral might be tied in together with other neutrals somewhere.
3) Using the white wire for power would go against the color convention. I suppose that the wire could be colored to indicate the new designation.

1) I agree it is possible the wire could have somehow been damaged.
2) Highly unlikely. This is rarely done in a house. You should not share neutrals in a dwelling unit. It does need to be confirmed, though.
3) It doesn't matter in residential. This is standard and the white wire is also used for switch legs for lightingl.

More than likely, the neutral wire is connected with the rest of the grounds, so tying it in with another ground and/or neutral wont have any effect as its just a giant copper sheet they all touch anyways.

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