Mesh or Solid Safety Cover? Please Help!

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Mesh or Solid Safety Cover? Please Help!

Postby Smitman71 » Tue 31 Aug, 2010 09:37

I want to have a Safety Cover insatlled soon not only to keep children safe, but to also simplify openings. I keep getting mixed info. and I have been unable to decide. Mesh sounds most convienient but I have heard everything from your water will be clear with a fine silt on the bottom to it will be green like a swamp costing a fortune in chemicals and weeks to clean. One installer told me he refuses to put them in. Another told me his customers are very happy with them. The VAST differeces in oppinion are unreal! My tarp has to go because the water is horrible and it is a serious pain. The new upgraded mesh covers claim they filter out fine particals and block sunlight, yet it makes sense to me that the chemistry would be way out with this type. The solid covers do not allow much dirt or water in because it is pumped off, yet they are heavy and I do my own openings/closings. Has anyone had experiences using BOTH types and can offer me some advice. :?

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