Quartzon surface calcification

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John Robert Murray
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Quartzon surface calcification

Postby John Robert Murray » Sun 12 Sep, 2010 22:16

I had a professional poolbuilder& pool shop owner resurface my existing pool with Blue Quartzon, which was acid washed & balanced . Within a couple of weeks white spots appeared even though pool was tested & balanced every 2-3 weeks.
At the end of the 1st summer pool was covered by white spots. Pool was drained, reacid washed& refilled & balanced. Almost immediately white spots started to reappear. Pool builder was at aloss to explain so Quartzon rep blamed rising ph , but pool was constantly being tested & balanced,I have never had this problem with other pool surfaces& if it not the quartzon surface why doesn't calcification form on border tiles & grout if rising ph is supposedly the cause.
John Murray Sydney

James Watson

Quartzon surface calcification

Postby James Watson » Tue 12 Oct, 2010 21:05

John Robert Murray wrote:Within a couple of weeks white spots appeared even though pool was tested & balanced every 2-3 weeks.

The water has to be tested and balanced every day, not every few weeks. You also have to brush every day.

What are all of your chemical readings?

What test kit do you have?
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Quartzon surface calcification

Postby lbridges » Tue 12 Oct, 2010 22:04

I agree with the post above. A new surfaced pool can experience a pH rise from something safe to something excessive in a couple of days. This would be especially troublesome if you also have high calcium hardness levels in the fill water.

You can plug the test values into the pool calculator - http://www.thepoolcalculator.com/

High numbers for CSI (over 0.6) indicate a danger of calcium coming out of solution and bonding to walls. The walls tend to get it first as calcium is leeching from the walls and like bonds easier to like. If left unaddressed it would begin to build on tiles, etc.
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Quartzon surface calcification

Postby GRUMBLEBUM » Thu 01 May, 2014 18:26

:thumbdown: :thumbdown: I had one of the first pools in Australia with a Quartzon Interior..
Worst Mistake of my life !
My pool was a 10 by 4m Crystal Pool and I ordered everything to be Automated as I have very little spare time.
Auto Chlorinator , Auto pH controller , Pool Valet Infloor System .. yup.. everything that could be had, I ordered..
From the first week, the pool looked great .. but after that , things started to go wrong .. The calcium growth from the leeching of the quartzon, created 'Stalagmites ' of calcium growth on the floor that would cut the kids feet!
The need to adjust the pH EVERY DAY.. even with the Auto controller from Crystal, was nothing but a nightmare!! .. Eventually we had the pool Acid Washed ( again) to try and get it looking right again , as there were dozens of patchy areas on the floor and walls..
A few years later, we sold the house.. and had to have the surface cleaned and Acid Washed AGAIN!!
Quartzon.. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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