Pump ran dry and now not pumping

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Pump ran dry and now not pumping

Postby benraymond » Wed 15 Sep, 2010 08:46


My wife ran our motor dry for a while until I found it. Now the pump seems to come on, but doesn't seem to pump water. Is there a way the system can become airbound? How do I fix this/



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Pump ran dry and now not pumping

Postby duraleigh » Wed 15 Sep, 2010 09:59

Try pouring water into the pump strainer basket and then turn on the pump. If it sucks the water out quickly, your pump simply needs to be primed.

However, if it doesn't suck up the water, your pump is likely burned up and you will need to replace it.
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Pump ran dry and now not pumping

Postby Benraymond » Wed 15 Sep, 2010 12:49

Thanks for the info - brought the motor in, motor is shot, according to the local Pool store. See above for my next round of questions....

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