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Pool Blanket Fun

Postby ThePoolSchoolFan » Tue 21 Sep, 2010 16:11


Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I will give my readings here

Pool gallons: 18,500
Pool Type: Plaster White
FC: 10+ ? (1 qt 25 fl oz of Sodium Hypochlorite 12% + 2 packets of Calcium Hypochlorite)
CC - Was A Lot
CH: In range
Phophates: 1000 ppb (will get to this)
TA: 100
CYA: 100 (above 90..bit high?)
pH: Not sure (but yesterday was 8.0+ (due to the liquid bleach) and probably much lower due to Granule packet shock....also added in muriatic acid - 24 fl Oz to bring it to 7.2....it's probably bordering on 7.2 now - will test later).

In any case, I'm use to keeping a pool clean for my folks. I've been doing it for 2 years now...but the fact is....I've gotten lazy. They bought a solar blanket cover (for these past summer heatwaves -living in an arid area) and I frankly stopped testing the water every day as recommended during summer by all you nice folks here.

Pool = Swamp green when the blanket was removed. Yay! So I basically have to be honest in saying I just put a crapload of chlorine and it made the pool beautiful last weekend. I then left the blanket on again this week...and Sunday Afternoon - Swamp Pool! :) Yay. In any case...I tested my water thoroughly...told myself no more crap. And balanced my pH......probably lowered my TA from 100, to 90? 85ish due to pH.

Now the water is finally a blue color....I can see the bottom of the pool...it's a bit foamy right now....and cloudy. (Been like this since yesterday but got clearer). The pool people at the store told me to get rid of my high phosphate levels -----so I got PhosFree. Have not used it yet because I have some questions.....and any other advice you can all give me will be great....maybe I've been wrong in anything I've said so far.

1.Do I need to 'Air' out the pool when the blanket is on everyday?
2. I usually only run my pump on the day we swim...should I be running this everyday for like an hour or so? I read somewhere it should be everyday....I don't do this to save on electricity...but I find I spend an equal amount of money on chemicals either way? Lol.
3. Should I CLEAN out the filter which I cleaned just a month ago? The pool store people said to clean it out or the algae will come right back in the pool - a never ending cycle....but last I checked....if I do this - it'll just come back from spores in the air either way (and it's pretty darn windy here!)
4. I am guessing I will HAVE to clean out the filter if I want to REMOVE the phosphates from the pool with phosFree?
5. Why does a solar blanket make algae bloom INCREDIBLY fast. Usually I can leave the pool for a week without it becoming DARK DARK green....then again, I notice the chlorine LASTS longer too....

Any help would be appreciated on those 5 questions. :wave:

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