Floc wont drop.

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Floc wont drop.

Postby mickspool » Wed 22 Sep, 2010 18:55

Here we go, after moving into our house 18 months ago, we have had nothing but problems as did the prior owner for the last couple of years.

We found almost all equipment was undersized after leaving pool off for the winter. Getting ready for summer we shocked the pond with chlorine, this seems to have killed all algae, floc the pool (6kg) after some bad advice, raised the ph after floc wouldnt drop, and is still as I write suspended mid water and not dropping, I have just brushed the pool to move everything around again in an attempt to get it to drop, the next 48hrs will be the tell tale I guess.

Any one got some advice or had a similar problem????

Pool 71000litres, inground, was running a 7 plate salt chlorinator (now 11) new pump sand filter
I know the process once the floc drops, but getting it to drop is the problem..

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